Artist-run Space, Printmaking studio and Artist-in-residence program

At the gates of the Patagonian Andean forest, with easy access from San Carlos de Bariloche International Airport and a few minutes walk from Lago Gutiérrez there is Radal: an artist-run printmaking studio which has facilities for artists and printmakers to develop professional quality art projects.

Growing from the roots

About the studio

Taller Radal is an artist-run space of Marta Di Bitetti who has lived in Bariloche since 1989. The studio and artist residence facilities are on the same property as her house and arose as a project to give rise to her extensive activity in the artistic and educational filds. Her interest has always been linked to the development of printmaking and experimental printing techniques and the dissemination of techniques through teaching and sharing with other artists. Her studio has housed different proposals and projects and is conceived as a space for teaching and growth for artists of various disciplines.

Silkscreen workshop with "Colectivo Tormenta", Jan 2013.

One of the first experiences carried out took place in the summer of 2013 when Tormenta artist collective from La Plata gave their screen printing workshops. At that time, the printmaking studio space was not yet finished and there was minimal equipment to work with.
Then, in 2017, the chalcographic press was incorporated and the first printing experiences with a press began.
During the winter of 2019, the workshop was the headquarters of the footage crew of the feature film SKI of the director Manque La Banca.

Etching with salin mordents workshop with Kimey Catalano, March 2022.

In 2021, the printmaker Kimey Catalano moved to Bariloche and approached the workshop with the proposal to carry out metal engraving with non-toxic etching salts based on his teaching experience in the Printmaking Department at Rosario National University, Faculty of Humanities and Art. From this moment on, the studio gained new momentum with the approach to sustainable procedures.
During the year 2022 Marta Di Bitetti together with the artist Roxana Jacob began to develop the technique of lithography on polyester.

In 2024 we started a series of short residencies in which different artists based in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Batesville, Arkansas and El Bolsón participated.
These experiences are focused on three modalities:
→ Training
→ Improvement
→ Creation

Some of the testimonies of artists in residence who carried out this experience:
"Days of artistic residency at Taller Radal reconnecting with printmaking to continue investigating and deepening my work, working with aquatint and etching hand in hand with less toxic engraving. Everything happened surrounded by incredible landscapes that fed and enriched the work process. All in happiness and gratitude." @guadalupebujan

Guadalupe Bujan from Buenos Aires polishing an iron plate.

Guadalupe Bujan in Taller Radal.

The artist Guadalupe Bujan and her first state proof.

Final Talk with the artist Guadaulpe Bujan sharing her experience.

Fulfilling wishes, dreams, and years in the best place surrounded by greats like Marta Di Bitetti and Kimey Catalano. What more could you ask for! Forever thankful.
Ivana Aruz

In May 2024, Pablo Delfini visited us with whom we organized a series of activities to promote less toxic printmaking and we held short workshops to experiment with different techniques: lemon gum lithography on aluminum plate, tetrapack intaglio, water-based monotypes and gelatin matrices. For five days we worked, shared experiences and talked about our vision of art and graphics in the middle of an intense snowfall.

Marta Di Bitetti and Pablo Delfini at Lake Gutierrez near Taller Radal.

Pablo Delfini introducing his book "Less toxic printmaking" at Inefable Cafe.

Pablo Delfini explaning how to polish aluminium plates with sand.

Fat elements to draw on aluminum plate.

Preparation of gum arabic with lemon for lithography on the plate.

Pablo Delfini preparing the plate to print.

Printing a lemon gum lithography plate.

Lemon gum lithography.

Pablo Delfini explaining how to make an intaglio on tetrapack sheet.

Cutting the tetrapack plate to make an intaglio.

Tetrapack plate inking.

Tetrapack intaglio.

Filling the molds to make gelatin matrices.

Molds for gelatin matrices.

Water monotype workshop for families.

Painting with watercolors in the water monotype workshop.

Printing water montypes.

Marta Di Bitetti and Pablo Delfini exchange their aprons at the end of the meeting.


Marta Di Bitetti

Marta Di Bitetti is a visual artist, art educator, printmaker and photographer specialized in less toxic printmaking based in Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina.
BA In Visual Arts and Art Education from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She currently directs “Radal” printmaking studio and residence in which she carries out experiences of chalcographic engraving, lithography on polyester, blind embossing and cyanotype in Villa Los Coihues, San Carlos de Bariloche.
In 2001 she attended the "Experimental Screen Printing Techniques Workshop", organized by Casa de las Américas in Havana, Cuba.
In September 2019 she attended the East London Printmakers studio to specialize in less toxic metal etching techniques, using salt etching on copper plate. 42 Copperfield Rd, London, UK.

During the years 2021 and 2022 she attended “Centro de Edición”, Litographic atelier, to specialize in the lithography technique. San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In May 2022 she attended Pigprints, Contemporary printmaking, Residency and engraving workshop, to carry out etching and aquatint experiences in the company of the engraver Guido Pigni. Via Monte San Genesio 13, Milan, Italy.

In June 2022, she attended Druckgraphik Atelier, an engraving workshop for analog techniques, to carry out a specialized workshop in lithography with the artist Alberto Gobber. Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Str. 3, Berlin, Germany.

In August 2023 attended the printmaking residence Edition Basel, at Druckwerk Studio, Basel, Switzerland.

Marta Di Bitetti at her studio

Recent exhibitions


“Da capo, a capo”. Edition Basel Residence' printmakers participants,
KASKO BASEL Gallery, Werkraum Warteck pp, Burweg 15, 4058 Basilea, Suiza. August 2023


14th Biennial International Miniature Print, Center for Contemporary Printmaking Gallery, 299 West Av. Norwalk, Connecticut, EEUU,June 2023.


"EXPO COLECTIVA" Regional artists exhibition at “Sala Lidaura Chapitel”, San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina, March 2023.


"STAMPS IV", exhibition of graphic artists in the Conrad Meier Room of the “Museo de Arte Contemporáneo”. Villa La Angostura, Neuquén, Argentina, May 2022.


“Muestra Anual de Gráfica 2022” Art Gallery of the “Museo Marítimo” (former Prison). Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, April 2022.

Awards and other distinctions


Honour mention, 14th Biennial International Miniature Print Competition, CCP, Norwalk, CT, USA.

Marta Di Bitetti, "Alerce del Futaleufú", Pronto plate litography printed on map, 15 x 15 cm. 2023